30 Oct 2007

In Search of Gods Penis Volume I Part 3: Sweet Groves Chest

Sitting Low on Sweet Groves Chest

Bluebells a'swinging in Yellow Fruit
#Old man on Monterey Bay passes at four seconds

Each circuit filled with Sweet Groves Chest

Bent Neuro Circuitry, surely in cybertronics this media be reported?

Flowers swing in mid May temperatures grow

Fume/Real typecasts line at suns given hour

Freudian dictatorships fall in the light of man

Jungian con sciences grow into outer proportion

Knocking continuum please mother, and rays of light disperse


Strings of quanta data sliptcha later

Eejits grow in and at thought of mediac dancing

As a great finale, fools on hills tumbles to lowers graces of Blairite banishings

What did we see? We see? See? We Period End Of Line

Data passes through lec to br to han to ky to lec gain to sigh to br to lec gain gain

Think my fired end. Thunking processes now commensess and sensses remember cencus?

Ofcourse you do. Ling to br to lec gain gain gain. Is this osmosis thi/sinking in yet?

Jones to bones and bohmeian replicatble behaviour lies on deaded mans head

Cannibalism ain't all bad Jones... Shala khaki?

Course You Do bye buy by bye bye now??

Course Cannibalism ain't all Jones and Bones now? Lec to gain gain gain ageing game.

Lec tell me Jones: Bag a piping hot pininng high Jones: Sleep Ne'er Do'ell

Though Scootish light sleeps Jones on Sweet Groves Chest

Who douth and who doth joust and who doth lec on Jo ens tight High?

Me Sir? Lec to Gain Lec to Fein and Gain an a slip I Cry

Bigg Biggy Smaller Jones? Surley in cybertronics 1 2 3 4 Gain aging game

Old man on Montrey Bay slips in sleep and hearts a Gain

Lec to where? Lec 2 th 2 br 2 I 2 stop al stop End Of Line

Please Entere Breke Sire For Doust thone Blecakers shine?

Eye A Whole Big Eye shift A Eye for a Die

De'aths The Name Sir and die thi any dDrewids shape?

Sitting Low on Sweet Groves Chest

29 Oct 2007

In Search of Gods Penis Volume I Part 2: The Worlds Largest Conspiracy Theory

Yes my friends, it’s another pretentious, rambling and confusing blog and if you have read the other one and are still curious, well here it goes।

In Search of Gods Penis is based on a conversation of Timothy FX Finnegan and "Bob" who basically theorised the bigger one is endowed, the higher up on the mythological power system you are. In modern terms: 14 inches makes you Brad Pitt in Hollywoodological terms.

So God, the god of all gods should have one huge fuck off penis. Where the hell in the universe, is this huge cock? You'd have thought Hubble might have spotted it by now (For arguments sake) right? We see back 4 billion years and yet no massive trouser snake... Makes no sense to me.
Now, with a bit of a leap of faith, if we find Gods Penis, we might be able to obtain *THE POWER, OF THE DARK SIDE*... Or knowledge of unmistakable higher archy... Either one. I don't care.
So, if you have made it this far, this one hopefully shouldn’t be as complicated as the last one। It just a bit of a rant, scientific rant that is.

What the fuck is the worlds Largest Conspiracy Theory then? Well, as said before i don't think i am correct in your mid set but my theory is that it is fucking Global Warming

Sounds a bit weird but stay with me. You might have heard of Jeremy Clarkson’s take on this. Maggie Thatcher invented the damning theory to give reason for stopping the mining in this country. Could this be my rant? No shockingly.

I just think that you can pretty much get as much of a valid reason for Global Warming by watching Ice Age 2. Manny says: The Ice comes, the ice goes. That’s the world. (Before you bitch, i am paraphrasing, he didn’t say it exactly, but his thinking is the same) So, fuck all this carbon emission shit and cars destroying the world. It’s no where near as bad as you think. Obviously the pollution given put by cars do cause a bit of damage, but it isn't dooming us all.

If i don't think cars are the reason, neither do i think rubbish is. Again, i don't think it is perfect, i support all forms of recycling cuz it is damaging the world we live in but it’s not destroying the world. What is the reason? Well, i fully suspect it is the world itself.

About the ice caps as well, i don't think its right for us to contribute anything to that. All the species who thrive of the climate up/down there will somehow find a way to adapt to the heat and the melting of the caps. How very evolutionist? Well if you are a Creationist, you probably haven't made it far past the sentence with God and Penis in, so argue with me about that prejudice before you bitch at me about scepticism: D

Well duh. The Ice Age didn't end because the fucking Mammoths thought: Hmm, i think we should start driving around in 4x4s.It ended because the world naturally warms up and cools down, its just that as a species we haven’t been around enough, neither have we been measuring it enough, to see the effects.

That’s the science, now for the rant. The thing that is currently pissing me off is the news reports. Almost every other day comes on the news an article about how screwed we are. How long we have to live before the planet warms up and we all become humanised slices of toast.
This is so pointless; i can't even start to tell you how much i despise it. This isn't the climax of it though, it gets worse. Currently, this is the middle of the day, there are 4 documentaries being shown on climate change.

Now why do we spend an hour watching people going on about how we fucked about with the planets atmosphere, especially, when focusing on my thought track, when it isn't are fault.
I am not in a great mood with the media these days. Ever since i experienced the bias first hand, i find it my mission to change things around. The media only have power over us because we let it. If you went out and read some books on what they are reporting or asked a genuine professional who spent decent time during a career of study, then it’s possible they won't get a hand over you.
But it’s up to you, trust a media mogul maker who tells you what to think after being told themselves or you can listen to a teenage boy with his laptop who asks you to consider something else for a change.

I don't want to tell you what to think... Just ranting.

28 Oct 2007

In Search Of Gods Penis Part 1: The Search Begins

In the category section, i notice a lot of differing options that i could have taken to describe this... Sports, Writing and Poetry, Dreams and the Supernatural, News and Politics. All of these would have suited this work...

I fully expect this to be work... I can't guarantee it will be easily read, in fact i hope it won't be. There is an idiom in literature: The harder a prose is to read, the more effective it becomes.
In my last blog, i said i might write something mindful... Technically, i said mindfuck, i stick to that, but in case those who have read it got lost in that piece of the report, it was intended to be mindful and dedicated to something important.

So this is it, my mindfuck. It is dedicated to the Life and the Meme-orial of Robert Anton Wilson... Author of Prometheus Rising, Email To The Universe, TSOG and Sex Drugs and Magic... Each of these books has influenced me beyond my explanations.
One of the most puzzling and charming aspects of humanity is the search for being correct. What the bloody hell does being correct mean?

Ironically enough I won't answer that, because I am going to be wrong in doing so. What I am aiming to do is express what I think, and if that is few and far in between your model of correctness than that is my fault and i apologise prior to any offence I may cause.
In other words, fuck off if you're easily insulted by others telling you their beliefs :D
I highly suspect a few things in correlation with this subject of correctness. I suspect that being correct has fuck all to do with the truth and/or Truth. I highly suspect that my approach to being correct is a whole different thing to yours. I suspect I may be coming off as impounding my own beliefs on to yours, let me dispel that myth and tell you that this is not about me being correct (you see the irony?) and you being wrong. This is (on a level) a dedicated, mindful and literate rant that I hope, may open a few previously closed minds.

I don't think this will reach hundreds of people, as much as i would like it to. I think i might be lucky to have ten of you left reading this. If you are, then i ask for you to do a favour for those you love, if anything in this gives you that little more insight into life and thoughts, then recommend it to others. Not for profile views or fame or anything, a long time ago i realised i had a responsibility to dispel ignorance and this adds just that bit more on to my goal.
So, the content of this. RA Wilson places an interesting scheme of Correct Answers Model. I fully support this, to give you a run down on my interpretation of his theory (damn that was a bit confusing), it states that most things one learns in the modern Culture is based on the assumption that it is Correct. Marxism, Christianity, Atheism, Buddhism, all seem to state that they are correct about one thing or the other. About how to live, about the existence and nature of God, about how society works.

I am not here to dispute any of them, though i have many opinions on each. I am just wondering why they seem to be so common and how this goal of objectivity has come about. As I stated before, i strongly suspect that having a Correct Answer Model has no correlation with the truth.
Any correct answers are purely relative to the situation they are in. Or at least, that is what i am highly suspect of. For example, Marxism. The basis of this ideology is that there exists two classes, the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat. All Bourgeoisie pupils extort the Proletariat and the Proletariat can not help but benefit the Bourgeoisie by working for them. Now, this seems pretty reliable. Through history we can see that this is a nice fitting model, yet... Is this correct for now? (Note: The semantics in this is very important... With the wrong referential index, the argument gets mixed up in an infinite regress of "Yes, but if correctness doesn't exist, then that fact cannot be correct and because it is in correct, correctness does exist, but if correctness does exist, then that fact must be incorrect so it doesn't exist! I mean, who the fuck wants that!?)
The answers are debatable of course but to point out the resistance in this argument, look at people such as Alan Michael Sugar. He rose through the ranks of the Proletariat and is now owner of AMSTrad... Most known throw BBCs The Apprentice. That is one of the thousands of examples of the worlds Billionaires who used to be from the working class.

So, this Correct Answer Model is not associated with the truth in this scenario. Yet, it remains a Correct Answer Model. Why is this? I suspect it is because the vast majority of people need a belief. This Correct Answer Model of mine is very similar to the reason why Religious people need God/Allah/Gurus/Ganneesh etc. Why do we, as a human race need to believe in a Model?
I think this is down to a very scientific, simple answer is that the brain contains over 100 billion neurons. This results in the potential to observe over 100 billion events at any nano second. Of course there may be no where in the Universe that can contain 100 billion events in a nanosecond, but if one considers how much might happen in a minute across a popular City Centre and all the information the brain takes in, it is a phenomenal number. As creatures that focus on the Ego (me, I, first person, what ever you want to call it) and can only remember 5 to 7 facts at any one time, this amount of info could fuck us up.

A Model is a summary of this information. Or any information really. It limits all the possible truths of culture and all this info our brain gathers into between 5 and 7 facts and for one so disillusioned by a singular model, explains all that the conscious can take in.

Or at least that’s what i suspect. You can make your own mind up.